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Teacher Education for the Next Decade:

Looking to the Past to Inform the Future

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As we prepare to enter the third decade of the 21st century, educators find themselves at critical crossroads in their attempts to deliver quality education. As an international society, we challenge ourselves to question how we will engage in the future of education in light of increased globalization, transformations, and advancing technologies. We invite multiple perspectives and voices in order to develop and promote global understandings and collegial relationships, support social justice and equity, and advance the profession.

Tentative sub-themes/strands:

  • Advancements in Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Diversity Issues in Education
  • Preparing Teachers for the Challenges of the New Decade
  • Promoting Health and Wellness in Education
  • Adult and Community-Based Educational Approaches
  • Global Trends and Transformations in Education
  • Research Methodologies and Methods in Educational Research